The performance collective GUGUOU from Istanbul crafts their artistic mode of expression through Dada, situational aesthetics and performative gesture, often incorporating music among many other elements. Since they are not able to leave Turkey because of the Corona lockdown, they shot a special music video for their piece Rabbit Jump – Bear Stop for this project.

Rabbit Jump – Bear Stop describes the human condition of being stuck in a world of objects and faltering. Whilst delicate structures can be constructed with these objects, that cannot hide their inherent epiphenomenality: they have no functional value. In a world of junk, the woman-man/rabbit-bear can be seen as a kind of Jekyll & Hyde: a meaningless twinkling entangled with the interaction of multiple time zones within the objects.

Rabbit Jump – Bear Stop , 2020 Music Video, 1:50 min. Commissioned by Nonsenselessness © GUGUOU