Lan Hungh

Lan Hungh’s drawings and performances are experimental exercises on the edge of absurdity. Like ideas quickly jotted down in the corner of a page, Hungh’s drawings are imperfect and urgent.

Collective Portrait was made for an online platform in 2013. More than just an open diary, it is a dialogue and an archive of his works, life, thoughts, and desires in the form of daily drawings. The artist presents his research on finding his own identity.

The performance piece Jellyfish II: Coronadiva, created during the Corona crisis, tells a story about social distancing. Departing from a previous dance performance which was presented several times in clubs as an interactive piece, during which audience members, unable to contain their own desires, trespassed the border between the outside world and the body in costume, Hungh now performs alone in an empty building.

The chalk outline of a body drawn on the floor of the landing of the 1920s staircase recalls the scene of a crime, if it had not been designated as an area for sunbathing, recalling the current spacers and floor markings in public space. Sunbathing Area asks in the architecture surrounding it and at the same time provides a critical commentary on the symbolism of the building's architectural elements.

Collective Portrait, 2013 Pen and watercolor on paper, digitized drawings

JellyfishII:Coronadiva, 2020 Performance costume Commissioned by Nonsenselessness

Sunbathing Area, 2020 Chalk drawing on floor © Lan Hung, Photographs: Özgür Erkök Moroder